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Jan 10, 2021

Sound Bar 300 in hotel room


Hello there, I am in a long term stay hyatt hotel, with a portal for wifi login.  I decided to bring my speakers with me, but I am afraid the wifi is preventing me from connecting my sound bar, as it lets me select the wifi and entire the password and says connected but after that it keeps saying there is an error. does anyone know how to work around this?

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Sound Bar 300 in hotel room

Unfortunately the portal causes issues to connect anything other than mobile/tablet/computers as they can't enter those access codes.


A workaround could be (I haven't tried it) setting up on a standard connection before turning wifi off and moving it to where you will use it.  Ie setup at a friends place then move to yours. 

Or you may be able to set it up on a mobile hotspot from your phone.  Just be aware you probably need a third device for the app (Tablet with Bose music hotspots to phone, use Bose music to connect soundbar to phones hotspot, turn wifi off).


You may still run into issues if it decides it needs to update.