Soundbar 700 microphone off button

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Soundbar 700 microphone off button

I was wondering if the microphone off button is designed to be less responsive than the action button next to it.
I noticed that I have to press the microphone icon several times (often not where the icon is but somewhere above it) or tap it with some force with my fingure to operate when the action button basically responds to light touch almost every time. Is it normal? Anyone with the soundbar 700 experiencing the same condition?

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Re: Soundbar 700 microphone off button

Am experiencing the same issue,,, did you get a response or answer to this issue?


Re: Soundbar 700 microphone off button

Hi there Djisuuhd and stevenshedd,


Thanks for the question.  The button to turn the microphone on/off should have the same exact responsiveness as the multi function button.


If you are having issues with the button, you can contact your local support center to arrange for service for the Soundbar.


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Brandon - Community Support