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Jul 4, 2020

Soundbar 700 - pops & crackles, and cant connect to anything

Having issues with a Soundbar 700 and I’m completely lost.


when I turn the power on the light-bar doesn’t light up, and after about 20 seconds it starts making a series of pops & crackles that sound like some sort of interference. The mute & circle button at the top of the soundbar don’t respond to being touched. 


I can’t find the soundbar on the Bose music App, and also the universal remote seems to be disconnected from everything - the 6 sources buttons just flash. 


I have attempted to walk through the processes for resetting the remote & soundbar, but nothing seems to work. For reference, it’s also connected to a base module 500. 


all of the other Bose sounbars & home-speakers are working fine, and I’m familiar with how to change WiFi networks etc. But this problem has completely stumped me. Very keen to get it back working as soon as I can. 




Re: Soundbar 700 - pops & crackles, and cant connect to anything

Hey Karl,


That sounds very odd! Have you tried connecting the Soundbar 700 to a different power outlet/socket or used a different power cable if possible?


In regard to re-pairing your remote to the soundbar, I'd recommend following the steps below to ensure the connection is made:

  1. Unplug your router to disconnect the soundbar from the Internet
  2. On the remote control, simultaneously press and hold the Volume down and Left navigation buttons for five seconds to clear pairing memory of the remote. The Power, Source Power and TV Input icons at the top of the remote will blink three times
  3. On the soundbar, press and hold the Action ○ button for five seconds. The light bar will glow continuously while the button is being pressed
    When the soundbar is disconnected from the Internet, the Action button will not attempt to access a voice assistant
  4. On the remote control, press the Center navigation button once. Within a few seconds, the six source icons on the remote will blink three times to indicate it has paired with the soundbar
  5. Plug in your router. It may take a couple minutes for the router to restart and reconnect all devices to the Internet

Let me know how you get on!

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Jan 26, 2021

Re: Soundbar 700 - pops & crackles, and cant connect to anything

Hi guys, 


hope someone can help. I just purchased the 700 sound bar and sub today.  Let’s just say worst experience so far. 4 hrs to get sub connected still not connected wirelessly.


The sound bar when I turn it on with no sound coming out there is a high pitch frequency noise coming from the right speaker. I checked cables I unplugged hdmi still there. I restarted sound bar still there.