Soundbar 700 setup vs Lifestyle 600?

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Re: Soundbar 700 setup vs Lifestyle 600?

How big is the room you're trying to use for the Bose home theater set up? I own the Bose soundbar 700 with 2 rear surround sound speakers and it's amazing, seriously, that soundbar sends sounds all over the room, incredible technology, and when you add the surround speakers it'll blow your mind. I suggest getting this set up first and try it out for yourself. If it doesn't satisfy you then get the Lifestyle but that's a lot of cash man. Unless you don't care about the money and you have a HUGE room to fill then go ahead and get the Lifestyle. But try the soundbar with surround sound speakers first, you won't be disappointed and you'll pay half the price.

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Re: Soundbar 700 setup vs Lifestyle 600?

I have a similar question. Lifestyle 650 vs 700 soundbar plus sub woofer and speakers? I don't have a tv/cinema room, just an open plan lounge/dining room in my apartment (am not planning on moving anytime soon). I was looking at buying the Lifestyle 650, then I see the 700 soundbar with all the new features and was wondering if I get this plus sub woofer and speakers will I get the same quality sound as the Lifestyle 650? I will mainly be using it to listen to music rather than movies. I realise 700 would be much cheaper, but I love great sound, on the other hand I hate change/updating stuff, so if 650 Lifestyle is reaching end of lifecycle or limitations with usage because of technology ???? Any thoughts, comments..... Thank you

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Re: Soundbar 700 setup vs Lifestyle 600?

The 700 is a tidy good sounding package. It houses phase guide technology for good peripheral sound and of course the wireless rear speakers add to discrete rear channel sound.

The 700 speaker bar also gets you into the newer smart speaker app which is good going forward.

Sound wise the 650 is still the flagship discrete system. Albeit running on the older SoundTouch system. Which becomes relevant if you have an investment in other Sound Touch gear. Some people have found the 650 speakers a little brite. That issue is best addressed by an audition at a Bose store if you can.

In both cases the speakers are mountable on Bose stands and wall mounts.


Re: Soundbar 700 setup vs Lifestyle 600?

Hi all,


Thanks for your great concerns and questions. @rickatk makes a great summary of a few benefits of either system.


Naturally, the Lifestyle 650 has the benefit of five physical surround speakers to place throughout the room to enable full, room-filling surround audio in the environment. The Soundbar 700 does have it's additional accessory speakers of the Surround Speakers and Bass Module 700 or Bass Module 500, which enables you to connect one pair of wireless speakers and one Bass Module to the Soundbar.


Sound perception is unique to everyone, and we would encourage you to visit an authorized Bose retailer to experience the systems for yourself to view what system will suit your own personal needs. 


If you have any additional questions or concerns please do reach out to the community again and we'd love to help.



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Re: Soundbar 700 setup vs Lifestyle 600?

I think the soundtouch 300 or soundbar 700 is better than the lifestyle systems.... heres why


the lifestyle systems have very small satellite speakers, which cant produce mid frequencies for dialogue self sufficiently. the result of this, is that the acoustimass module has to play higher than usual to make vocals sound fuller and not as thin. but this also creates a greater issue called "Subwoofer Localization". when a subwoofer is playing too high or too loud or both, it makes it easier to tell where the subwoofer is in a room. adding a second acoustimass module would probably help make this less noticable but it wont make this issue go away.


The soundtouch 300 or soundbar 700 is sufficient enough to play on its own without a subwoofer. but when a subwoofer is added, it brings more depth to the already awesome sounding soundbar. it wont have to play super high and loud to help with vocals and reduces subwoofer localization. oh and it also can support two acoustimass modules. one advatage the soundtouch 300 has over the soundbar 700 is the HDMI IN & HDMI OUT (ARC), so the soundbar doesnt steal any of the inputs from your television while playing sound from your tv's source. the soundbar 700 has alexa but if you already have an alexa or dont care then dont invest in it. sound quality is exactly the same on two models, the subwoofer and accessories are just renamed to resemble the soundbars name. i.e. "700".


so if you want a bang for your buck.... get the soundtouch 300 + acoustimass module + Virtually Invisible surrounds

if you care about alexa get the Soundbar 700

If you dont care about alexa get the Soundtouch 300

if you care most of all about having the smallest package and accurate sound dont buy a lifestyle system

If you just HAVE to have discreet channels, and need all of the extra HDMI inputs, get the 600

if you want to waste your money for the same stuff but the "magical omnijewel speakers" get the 650 for 1,000 bucks extra


if you want the absolute most immersive bose experience, get the soundtouch 300 or soundbar 700 with two acoustimass modules and virtually invisible surround speakers. that will give you a 5.2 system for around 2200-2500 bucks. of course there are ways to get this setup for cheaper through ebay or amazon but thats just my honest recommendation. if you care about expandability you probably should look elsewhere, because bose is mostly about ease of use and decent sound. anything more than that is out of their league. unless you opt for the acoustimass 10 + AV receiver, which in my opinion is just like the lifestyle systems, just not as much bass lol.


I own a soundtouch 300 and acoustimass module 300, in the future will have the virtually invisible rears as well as a second acoustimass module. but for now im enjoying what I have which sounds pretty awesome considering how much space I gaind since I've gotten rid of my big towers (slightly miss them though). also didnt want to get kicked out of my apartment due to multiple noise complaints so I chose to downsize! and im not as disappointed as I thought I would be


hope youre happy with whatever you choose to do! home theater can be confusing but very exciting. and I hope my advice helped


- Gabe



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Re: Soundbar 700 setup vs Lifestyle 600?



Your post was a fine breakdown of the different systems.


I too lean towards the 300 / 700 Sound Bar solution. For all the reasons you cited. I presently have a Cinemate 130 with SoundTouch adaptor and one Acoustimass module. My upgrade path will likely be a SoundTouch 300 with 2 Acoustimass modules as the rest of my speakers are SoundTouch. Even though one sub can handle the job. More is better right? 


I find the phase guide guide technology in those sound bars work so well in my room I have no need for the rear speakers. I had a friend over the other day. I was giving him a listen. The look and smile on his face as we were watching the opening dance sequence on Dead to Me reinforced how well these Bose speakers work.


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Re: Soundbar 700 setup vs Lifestyle 600?

I agree 100 percent with the above two post.  I have a Bose Soundtouch 300 with sub and rear surrounds and love it.  I never thought about adding a second sub, but now you have me thinking about it.


I went back to the Bose outlet a couple times to listen to the Bose 650 thinking I might swap the 300 for the 650.  However, to me, the 650 was too shrill and not as mellow as the 300.  I highly recommend the Bose Soundtouch 300.

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Re: Soundbar 700 setup vs Lifestyle 600?

Having two subs would raise the output level of bass in the room, but its also great for rooms with an uneven coverage of bass. Adapt IQ tries its best with EQ'ing the system for the room, but its nowhere near as good as having a second subwoofer. you can find some acoustimass 300's on ebay between 400-500 bucks. 

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Re: Soundbar 700 setup vs Lifestyle 600?

I totally agree about the 650 sounding shrill especially for 4 thousand dollars!! I own two older systems I bought for super cheap online last year. for $60 I got the 321 GS II for my mothers bedroom and $225 I got the lifestyle 28 III for the living room. both with the soundtouch adapters and im convinced they sound exactly the same, other than the bass. The new acoustimass module can hit much lower than the previous acoustimass modules. the satellite speakers and overall sound presentation is almost exactly the same...... and considering what I paid it sounds pretty good. I think if anyone can get a bargain, go for it, because the performance of these products cannot justify the price nowadays. I got the soundtouch 300 + acoustimass 300 from a guy on offerup basically brand new for 700 bucks. anything more than that, I would've just went back to separate speakers and a receiver.