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Mar 26, 2021

Soundbar: Bose 300 or refurbished 500?





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Hello, So today I am buying a Bose Soundbar for my new Sony XBR 950 TV. Trying to decide between the new 300, or the discontinued but available as refurbished 500. Price difference between the two not an issue. My thought is that while the 500 has more drivers, the 300 probably has the latest in Bose sound engineering technology. I am interested primarily in the sound quality for dialogue and movies, not so much extra features like the voice control etc. I have checked out the 300 at my local Best Buy, but since the 500 is out of stock I have just been able to watch a few videos and read about it. I am hoping that someone who has been able to hear both units can give me guidance about which one simply sounds better. The 700 is over my budget. Thanks!