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Jan 13, 2021

TV remote interferes with the Bose TV Speaker settings

I purchased a Bose TV Speaker to replace a Bose Solo that had stopped working and wasn’t repairable due to availability of parts.


After installing the TV Speaker, I’m having a problem with the product and before returning it for a refund, I thought I would see if you would be able to resolve the issues.



While using the remote that controls my DVR, I have the following problem. If I open my cable guide showing what’s on other channels, as I scan through the channels, the volume on the TV speaker turns down to a point where I can no longer hear it and I need to push the volume up button to restore the volume to the level it was prior to opening the guide and scanning the channels.


If I’m watching a recorder program and try to fast forward using my DVR remote, my TV speaker changes from the presets for dialogue mode to my default audio setting. This requires me to reset the dialogue mode.


I also have similar problems when using my Samsung TV remote.


What can be done to resolve the problems I’m having with the TV speaker. I never had problems with my old Bose solo system.




Re: TV remote interferes with the Bose TV Speaker settings

Hey there, 


Thanks for posting and welcome. 


I am so glad to hear that you have chosen our new Bose TV Speaker, I would love to get you up and running. I note that in your post you say this happens with both your Samsung and DVR remote. For the Samsung remote, let's try the steps here to get it working. What I think may be happening, is your system uses IR (Infra Red) controls to control the system. It is the likelihood, this is what your other remotes use too, and your soundbar may be picking up the signals and misinterpreting them. Just to confirm, do you use the Bose remote at all? 

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