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May 17, 2020

Uncontrollable Volume

My Bose 700 Soundbar has been acting whimsical of late. The volume increments all alone and the best way to stop is to press mute. This has quite recently started not certain on the off chance that it is an update issue or not. I utilize the app and the remote. A debt of gratitude is in order for any help.




Re: Uncontrollable Volume

Hey @walttoya,


That's quite strange! I'm sorry you've been experiencing this. Are you sure there isn't any issue with the remote? Do you notice the soundbar will increase volume all alone when the batteries are not in the remote? That could be something worth testing.


Alternatively, I would recommend that your system is up to date by visiting the Bose Updater HERE. Then, I'd attempt a reset on the system, by disconnecting it from power for two minutes. After, test the unit and let me know if you notice the automatic volume increase is still happening.

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