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Sep 14, 2020

Upgrading Lifestyle V 48

I am looking to upgrade my parent's Lifestyle v48 to a newer model.  They bought the Lifestyle almost 15 years ago, when they built their house.  They have surround sound speakers in the living room and have the Bose 251 speakers on the front porch and the back patio. 


What I am looking to do for them is to update the main media center, without ripping out or rerunning any of the wiring throughout the house.  I would like something with HDMI capability and even possible WIFI capability, as well as a DVD player.  I am OK with having to change out the speakers, as long as the way that they are attached are the same as the current speakers.  I would like to keep the feature of being able to listen to music on the outside, while someone is watching TV on the inside.  I was unsure if the Lifestyle 650 was an exact upgrade that met all of the requirements that I listed above.  Also, would I have to change out the Stereo Amplifiers if I do this upgrade, as each outdoor area has their own amplifier.  


Thank you!