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Nov 8, 2019

Videowave III 55 stuck in start-up mode



I currently have a Bose VideoWave III system that is hanging in the Start Up mode when switching on. I've tried multiple resets, removing power supply and changing power outlets. Can you contact me to provide assistance. We've also had existing issues with software updates, using the remote to power off the screen. Previous use of the help line resulted in referrals to Av specialists that do not work on VideoWave systems. We have spent $8K on this TV and it's less than 6 years old. I'm keen to get this back to working order.




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Mar 26, 2019

Re: Videowave III 55 stuck in start-up mode

Hello duffinoz,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! That's very strange that your system is stuck in start-up mode, this is not what we want all. I am more than happy to help you further with this issue, we can run through some troubleshooting to try to resolve this. You mentioned that you have previously tried to update with difficulty, I recommend trying to update again this time doing it manually using a computer; please follow the steps below.


To update your product:

  1. Download the software update file for your system:
  2. On a computer, open an Internet browser and go to www.bose.com/support
  3. Select your product, then click Guides and How-tos > Manually updating your SoundTouch system
  4. Click the appropriate link for your system to download the update file to your computer
  5. Note: Do not rename the file; leave it as Update.stu
  6. Connect a USB cable from the computer to your system
  7. Once connected, open an Internet browser on the computer and go to to open the updater
  8. Tip: The current version of the software is shown next to From at the top of the updater
  9. Click Choose File and select the update file downloaded in step 1
  10. Click Upload to start the update
  11. Wait while the system updates: A progress bar shows the download status then, once completed, your system reboots
  12. Disconnect the USB cable and close the updater window.


Tip: If your computer does not reconnect to your Wi-Fi network after updating your product, restart the computer


I hope this helps, please let me know how you get on!


Kindest regards,
Zoe C - Community Support