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Sep 19, 2019

Why do audiophiles make fun of Bose speakers?

I am actually surprised at the responses. I have always thought Bose was a good company.

These people are also missing the point. The whole point of Bose is that it is excellent quality for the small size. Not everyone wants residential property in mumbai to look at huge stacks of audio equipment in their house, or carry a 15 inch subwoofer to the beach. The Bose bluetooth speakers actually sound very decent for their low profile. I also liked the Bose PC speakers and surround.

Are there just better alternatives I don't know about?

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Oct 18, 2017

Re: Why do audiophiles make fun of Bose speakers?

No, you are missing the point.  Bose speakers are good for what they are, as you listed.  For listening to high definition music and getting the full benefit, you need an upscale sound system and speakers.  You need to plan to invest big money.  That may not be your thing, but it is for many people.  Don't knock it.

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Aug 25, 2019

Re: Why do audiophiles make fun of Bose speakers?

people make fun of things because they are insecure.  I have had a Bose LS 48 and in a different room a dedicated hoe theater room, high end Separate equipment, I won't go through all the name brands as they are not important.  Did it sound better, sure it sounded excellent, costed an incredible amount and was very complicated to use and is now outdated.  But just because that sounded better, didn't mean I made fun of the Bose system, in fact my wife enjoyed the Bose system much more then the dedicated equipment and she couldn't hear a difference.  If you enjoy something and someone else makes fun of it, who cares, you cant teach an idiot to not be an idiot.