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Nov 27, 2020

bose soundboard 700 not working

Hello. I have a Bose Soundboard 700. A few days ago my child messed with the remote, I don't know what he pressed and now it's stuck. The remote is now blinking white, while the soundboard has a constant white light. When I turn on the app, I can see the soundboard, but when I click on it, it goes into troubleshoot mode and nothing is helpful there. Please provide assistance, thanks!



Re: bose soundboard 700 not working

Hi AndraJMK,


Sorry to hear that you are having some difficulty with your Soundbar 700. 


Can you confirm for us what sequence your LED status is? You can view this link to see the meanings behind the LED status.


Can you also let us know what buttons on the remote appear to be blinking?


Do you get any response from the remote control when you set a command? If so, I would suggest we attempt a factory reset via these instructions. 

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