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Mar 28, 2020

compatibility between acoustimass systems.

Hello, im derek and I have always dreamed of having bose sound in my house. growing up in Massachusetts my dad raised me knowing bose was king. anyway one day ill afford the brand new model but for now I was gifted an acoustimass 3 woofer and I have found a set of acoustimass 7 tweeters locally here in Florida where I now reside for a good price with the original wires intact. are they compatible with each? or can I not use these new tweeters with my older model acoustimass 3 series two system hub? no rush but would be great to hear from someone when the time is convenient. thanks. Derek Walter Carpenter


Re: compatibility between acoustimass systems.

Hello Derek, 


Thanks for reaching out with your question! 


Is this a full Acoustimass 7 system you are looking into purchasing? This is a bass module and 3 Double Falcon speakers. 


If so, there is no room to expand on this system further, it is designed to be set up with just the three Double Falcons. As for also connecting the Acoustimass 3 to this, the systems do utilise the same 18 gauge cables, however we wouldn't recommend in connecting these to the Acoustimass 7. This is because this could ultimately result in damaging your product over all, as well as we cannot guarantee you will get success from this. 


I hope this helps. Do let us know if you have any further questions. 

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