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Jun 29, 2020

remote doesn't pair

Hi I bought a new remote control from my lifestyle, I tried pair several and several times, pressing mute and ok, sometimes works for a very short time.


Now I have difficulty in pair, the light on my AV35 control console just blink one time and I still have no signal message in my new remote.


Could you help me please?




Re: remote doesn't pair

Hi Rods,


Is the Lifestyle you are trying to pair your remote with the Lifestyle V25  you mentioned in your other post? If so is THIS the process you are following to pair the remote? 


On the V25, if the remote is not pairing when following those steps, then what I would recommend doing is a reset of the control console. To do this, what you would want to do is:

  • Turn the control console off.
  • On the control console, press and hold Power for five seconds. The red LED will turn off.
  • Release the Power button.
  • Turn the system back on.

After doing this, try pairing the remote again and let me know how you get on!



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