Audio Lag/Synchronization Questions

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Audio Lag/Synchronization Questions

Hey Tony -


I have seen audio lag issues being brought up on multiple bose forums.  Here are some questions I have about that.  Firstly there is highly likely nothing wrong with the Bose hardware.


1. It could be a 'lag' from the streaming end of the Internet if it is an Internet app such as Youtube or Vimeo.  Could that be a contributor?  If so, wouldn't we see a sync problem even with the builtin speakers of the streaming device?

2. I am guessing (though I am not technically knowledgeable about the protocols), that the lag if bluetooth related/caused could be related to either the Bluetooth protocols 4.x themseleves or the speed of the bluetooth hardware or both.  So would an improvement or fix require either (a) faster BT hardware on either one or both ends or (b) a change to the BT protocols - i.e., an improvement done in BT 5.0 or (c) both

3. Bose does not yet have a wireless device supporting BT 5.  Will BT 5 be restricted to only new/future delivered Bose devices or could we hope to see BT 5 introduced through firmware updates in our current Bose devices?


Re: Audio Lag/Synchronization Questions

Hi Joel


Thanks for posting. Let me give you all the information I can regarding this. Some video services are more affected than others.  The SoundSport Free sends audio to the right ear then if buffers it there to sync it to the left ear.  This is inherent to the technology in the headset and can only be minimized by a certain amount with software.  We don't currently offer BlueTooth 5 in any of our devices and although it's not impossible, we have nothing to announce at this time about incorporating it into any existing or future products.




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Re: Audio Lag/Synchronization Questions

NOOO you got everything wrong

1 surely not internet problem it lag on everything everything !

2 other BT 4.x earphone works fine without huge lag like this


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Soundsport free - Audio/Video Lag


I received a pair of Soundsport free for Christmas. The quality is amazing, and I am really happy with the product however I have noticed that there is a lag in the audio when watching videos on Youtube on my iPhone that I cannot fix. I tried everything from unpairing the device to deleting it from my device list on the App. I have also noticed that since the update of the firmware my earphones do not connect straight away to my iPhone even though it says they are, I have to pair and unpair them a couple of times. 

On my MacBook, I also have to pair and unpair the headphones a couple of fo times so that there is no more audio lag when watching Netflix or Youtube.

I would really appreciate help with this issue as I really love these earphones and the experience of using them would be much better without these problems. 


Re: Soundsport free - Audio/Video Lag

Hi Nurbortolotti,


 I am sorry to hear about your experience, I understand your frustration. The SoundSport Free use the recently developed TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology with features that allow L/R stereo separation in a wireless format. To accomplish this the right earbud is designated as the primary and transmits, via Bluetooth, to the left earbud. This method is not without its tradeoffs, including those associated with radio interference. Bluetooth signals are, by design, encrypted for increased security and use compression algorithms to stream your content. Adding additional compression/decompression segments to the signal path has negative effects on the latency. The latency inherent in the system would cause very distracting delays between the left and right earbuds. This is also why the audio synchronization for video is very dependent on the compression algorithms used. We have been able to mitigate some of the A/V delays with firmware adjustments, but as you have noted this is not a perfect solution. We would recommend keeping your headphones updated along with your apps and mobile device. 


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