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Jan 11, 2021

BOSE QC Earbud Auto Off and Other Feedback

After using these buds for a month I have some feedback that can complete these headphones. 


  • As $300 headphones these should have very similar features as other QC products like press for Spotify like the over ear updates. 
  • There should also be auto power off for the earbuds due to inactivity. My earbuds often die quick if I leave them out. Soundsport free has this feature. 
  • The touch features should also be used for switching between sources, I do not use voice assistant on the right earbud. It would be amazing to have the same shortcut option for the right earbud to customize more (Ex. voice assistant or switch source) 
  • Double tapping to switch tracks is more convenient as touch and hold can happen accidentally. This is why I have my shortcut set to battery level as it accidentally gets pressed many times. Other users in the forum have also experienced this. It would be nice to see double tap on left bud to get to next track, triple tap for previous track, and keep double tap on right to pause. Then use touch and hold customization for other features (ANC Favorites, Battery, Voice Assist)
  • Please make a find my buds option like the soundsport free. The map was not useful but playing high pitched sounds was very helpful incase I lost my earbuds. I could even hear it through the case. 


  • The fit. 

Fantastic earbuds but many reviewers have dinged points off because of a lack of playback controls. Keeping a similar format to controls as the soundsport free would be great. Thanks!



Re: BOSE QC Earbud Auto Off and Other Feedback

Hey @audiophile40, welcome to the Bose Community!


I'm very pleased to hear that you're enjoying your new QuietComfort Earbuds. Your feedback matters, and as always, I'll gladly pass along your comments to our development team for future consideration. 

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