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Oct 20, 2020

Bose 700 Meltdown

On June 11, 2020 I bought my Bose 700 series through the official Bose store on Amazon.com.

I charged my 700's with supplied cable and a Apple 20-volt power supply. The same was done a few times with no issues.

Some points:

- Bose does not provide a power adapters compatibility list to consumers. (I searched for it at Bose website)

- Bose does not inform that kind of damage can occur with third-party power adapters.

- Bose does not provide a power adapter in box.

Finally, Bose announces 700's as a premium product. So considering the product's value such problem like that should not be admitted by Bose itself.

I am willing to receive a replacement. If that not possible I would like to get my money back.

Thank you
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Re: Bose 700 Meltdown

Hi Silchard,


I'm very sorry to see what has happened to your NC700 headphones. I would recommend that you do not use or attempt to charge the headphones at all from this point forward. I would also strongly advise that you reach out to local support, as this is a health & safety concern and we want to get this resolved as soon as possible.


In regard to the points you have made:


- The power requirement for the NC700 headphones is 5 V DC, 1 A - UL rated power supply.

- We also always recommend using the provided cable, as we cannot account for third-party accessories with Bose products.

- There is a USB-C cable included in the box which is intended to be used with a computer or a compatible wall charger.


Let me know how you get on when you reach out to support.

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