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Bose Music App Update – 4.0.1 - September 9th, 2020

On September 10th, a new update for the Bose Music App will be available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to customers who have auto-updates enabled. iOS customers that wish to have the update immediately can go to the app stores and download manually. Android users will have to wait till their device becomes part of the roll out. Customers downloading for the first time will get the new app.  


For more information, please read the notes below and/or watch the Software Update video below!

We are aware the video references an incorrect date at the start of the video. Thank you!



Version Information

  • iOS and Android: 4.0.1 


Release Notes


Alexa Voice4Video Advanced Input Switching

Smart soundbar owners that have Alexa set up as their voice assistant can now use Alexa to change the input on their TV. Customers can now say, "Alexa, switch to XBOX" or "Alexa, switch to HDMI2" for added functionality using our Voice4Video feature.


Bose Music Inbox Integration

Users will now be able to access important messages related to their products, such as new feature announcements, through an in-app inbox.


Improved Product Discovery Troubleshooting and Connection Help

  • We’ve improved the "Can't Find Your Product". This improved troubleshooting is targeted to the specific product you are trying to discover, helping you get their product into a discoverable state.
  • Users on iOS will also be presented with improved Connection Help information if their already set up smart speaker or soundbar becomes undiscoverable in the app. This includes step-by-step guides to help get your products back online.


iOS14 Support

Please see an important announcement regarding iOS 14 here.


Compatible OS versions  

  • Android: 6.0 and up 
  • iOS: 12 and up 


To discuss the Bose Music 4.0.1, please visit here.

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