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Mar 28, 2020

Bose Pulse apps

I recently purchased Bose earphones,

model SoundSport Pulse

I'm using Galaxy A6, I have Bluetooth devices paired which work good.

4 digits 6KBK

I downloaded the Bose connect app, installed it and paired the earphones. Firmware is updated.

Music works fine. Pulse is detected but breaks off.

I work out at home, doing various training like rowing & cycling.

I want to use an app which measures my pulse and gives simple statistics like average heartrate, maximum heart rate, heart rate zones etc.

Once heart rate is detected, the apps recommends other apps which work as an activity app synchronizing data from the earphones.


I can't use any of the following apps recommended once a pulse has been detected via the Bose app:

 "Map my Run" & "Runkeeper"

– works only when my GPS coordinates change: I work out only at home

"Endomondo" – doesn't recognize the earphones.

"UA Record" – doesn't exist anymore

"Strava" - the company has removed direct sensor pairing from the Strava mobile app.


This is very frustrating, I paid for the "Strava" app, I paid for "map my Run".

I tried "wahoo" but the the single breaks allot, everytime I need to add the sensor from the beginning (after saving it). 

I can't figure out how to use these earphones for my goals, simple goals.

What can I do?


Re: Bose Pulse apps

Hello MiDu, 


Thanks for reaching out!


If you follow this link, here you will find on how to connect your SoundSport Pulse headphones to the compatible apps.


As for the heart rate monitor cutting in and out, I would suggest you ensure that you are using the correct size StayHear+ tips. This will provide you with not only the most comfortable fit, but will also give the most accurate heart rate reading as this is where the sensor is located. 


Do let us know if you have any further questions. 

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Oct 17, 2020

Re: Bose Pulse apps

My Bose Soundsport Pulse got completely useless after updating the firmware to the latest version. The HR monitoring is not working with any app. So don't buy it! I used it with Endomondo for years but after the firmware update, it does not connect. I tried everything and it seems it is an old issue. It is so disgusting that Bose technical support intentionally prevent to solve this issue and they ban users who are complaining. There was a workaround how to downgrade to the previous version of firmware but it is not working anymore. I am very frustrated, now my super HR monitoring earplugs were downgraded to a simple earplug which can be only used to listen to music 

I will never buy any Bose devices again! 


Re: Bose Pulse apps

Hey Lyniah, 


Thanks for posting. 


Have you tried the steps here? If so, are your headphones up to date? You can check if there has been an update recently at http://btu.bose.com. Also, ensuring your phone is up to date is a great step. If you have tried all troubleshooting steps, the best option here would be to reach out to your local customer support center and explore the service options for your headset. You can do this by clicking this link here, selecting your region, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and selecting contact us. 

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Jan 13, 2020

Re: Bose Pulse apps

I have tried all the steps  you suggested. The integration used to work great. I cannot get any connection to Strava. It just keeps looking to connect. I know the Sensor is connected because I see my heart rate on the Bose app. 


Can you fix this with Strava or integrate with Google Fit which would help. 


The heart rate is why I purchased this product and frankly the support of that function is way below Bose standards. 


Thanks for the help