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Aug 10, 2019

Bose SoundSport Free - Left Ear Disconnecting Problem Finally Solved

I bought this product 2 months back. It has excellent sound quality & comfort in the ear and exactly what I wanted and could't find an exact match in other brands (non had such as fit in the ear with good quality). However when I took them outside for running the left earbud kept disconnecting randomly. I updated the firmware even they guys at the store did it again for me and the problem was not solved. They  finally replaced it for me with a new one. I tried it again outdoor and it failed again :(. No problem or complains at all using it indoor and in the gym.
So I read all the forums people having similar problems and the Bose Technical team were giving explanation how the left ear receive the signla from the right ear bud and how it may disconnect due to existing technology if you use it outdoor in some area as there may not be enough surface to reflect the signals and that's how it works..
So I tried something which solved my problem completely 100%. I just switched the left earbud with the right one by changing the soft plastic fit of each one. I did a run outdoor, the exact same track, same time , same outdoor temperature/humidity and same device and did not face the problem at all! Not even a single disconnect in 1 hour 🙂 The only hassle is that they don't fit it the box for charging and I have to replace it every time before/after use.
I guess maybe by switching them now each device in the ear is upside down to it's original design and maybe now the running track works as the reflective surface (somehow) and there is no disconnection of signal.

I was using the earbuds with my Garmin Marq watch which I wear it on the left hand , before trying the above I tried wearing it on my right hand to be closer to right earbud but not so successful and I don't like to wear it on right side !


Re: Bose SoundSport Free - Left Ear Disconnecting Problem Finally Solved

Hello Hessam_seifi, 


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Bose Community Forums. 


I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your SoundSport Free headphones and am so happy to hear that you have found a workaround that works for yourself. 


If you had not have found the workaround, i would have suggested: 


  • Go to btu.bose.com on a computer and update your headphones software.
  • Try resetting your headphones. To do this place the earbuds into the charging case, plug the charging case into a wall outlet using a USB charger and wait 5 seconds, unplug the USB cord from the charging case and wait 1 minute. After that remove the earbuds from the case and try again. 
  • Clearing the Bluetooth list. To do this press and hold the Bluetooth button for 10 seconds, until you hear “Bluetooth device list cleared.”
  • Delete your headphones from the Bose Connect app and from the Bluetooth list on your mobile device and then repair them. 

Thanks again for sharing your top tips for other users to try. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W - Community Support 

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