Bose SoundSport Wired in-ear headphone call mute functionality

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Bose SoundSport Wired in-ear headphone call mute functionality

I purchased two sets of these headphones for use primarily when I am at Gym and the sound quality is excellent. I used them for a conference call the other day and tried to mute them as it was noisy at the Gym and hung up on the call. I re-read the user guide and there was no call mute functionality, which surprised me. 


I called Bose support today and was transferred to a technical support agent. He told me that Bose did not include a mute function since these headphones were for "working out" not for conference calling. The Bose Soundsport wireless headphones "Your workouts. Made wireless" are also for "working out" and not for conference calling but they have a mute function. I found the tech support "help" was not useful and TBH somewhat lame.


Does anyone in the community have the same issue and/or a suggestion other than i) not using them for conference calling when I am at the gym or ii)  buying another set of headphones? Since I have purchased two sets of these, that are not fit for the purposes I had intended, I am not sure what options I have. Both sets were purchased more than 30 days ago so the buyer's remorse window is no longer open.





Re: Bose SoundSport Wired in-ear headphone call mute functionality

Hello Bez, 

Welcome to the Bose Community, thanks for taking the time to post. 


I'm sorry to hear you had issues using the in-line controls for your two sets of SoundSport headphones. 


It should be noted that all wired headphones released by Bose before the wireless lineup worked off of a standard setup seen in this image: 


in line control functions.JPG


With the SoundSport Wireless, however, there are some changes to this as seen in the User Guide, including how to mute calls, and even switch between two calls.


Call Function 1.JPGMedia playback 1.JPG


These options should work well with your needs, please give them a try, and let me know how you get on! 


For anyone else having similar issues, please try the above. 


Kind regards,


Jeff G - Community Support

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Re: Bose SoundSport Wired in-ear headphone call mute functionality

Jeff, appreciate the reply, but the information that you had provided did not help me with the SoundSport in-ear wired headphones. I reached out to Bose via Twitter and then corresponded with them via Twitter DM the upshot of which was that Bose had neglected to include any mute functionality with the Soundsport in-ear wired headphones. This was after Bose Technical support had advised me that these headphones were for "working out and not for making conference calls", or something to that effect. 


Bottom line? Nothing that Bose could do to help since they had not built mute functionality into this headset. Unfortunately, I had purchased two pairs of the Soundsport in-ear wired headphones and am of the opinion that these are not fit for the purposes intended unless, of course, one were only interested in working out.


The only way to mute a call when I am out for a run or at the Gym is to mute the call from my phone - which is not ideal and can be dangerous. Every other set of headphones that I have purchased, either from Bose or OEM headphones supplied with Android or iOS phones, had a mute function and I can only surmise that Bose engineers either simply neglected to include mute functionality or that it was a serial design error.


Appreciate your trying to help but unfortunately there is no way around this shortcoming. In future, I will pay more attention to thoroughly reading the user manual, rather focusing on the marketing hype, before I spend my money on a Bose product