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Feb 21, 2017

Bose SoundSport left bud dropping out?

Good day,


Today I replaced my SoundSport Pulse after three years (rubber was falling off) with the new SoundSport free. 

First problem for everyone in Singapore, take note - warranty is very poor only one year and not the normal two years you get in the UK. BOSE why do you do this, customers should be treated the same. Only realised when researching tonight as all my Bose products always purchased in UK. 

Second issue, the new buds have cut out on my iPhone Max about 7-8 times this evening when using just sitting down with phone on the desk. This has only happened on the left bud though highly distracting as the beeps come and go. Never had this Bluetooth issue on previous QC35 and SoundSport Pulse. 

Is this normal? The firmware in Bose app shows as the latest. 

There is also a painfully slow delay when playing/pause and increasing volume. Again is this normal? 

Do I have a lemon product? Sadly consumer law in Singapore does not seem as strong compared to the UK on first read. The Bose invoice states “absolutely no returns under no circumstance” - this was a proper Bose store. 

please help.