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Jun 28, 2020

Bose SoundSport ringing while charging

I got my earbuds in January and have been loving them ever since, except for the loud high pitched ringing that starts when it’s charging. the ringing pattern correlates with the LED flash on the right earbud. when the led flashes, the ringing stops, when the LED is off, the ringing starts again 
I sometimes can’t hear the ringing if my head is at a certain angle but it’s very uncomfortable 

Can I fix this?


Re: Bose SoundSport ringing while charging

Hi shop7toast,


Thanks for joining us in the community!

Your headphones definitely shouldn't be making a ringing noise when charging! Is this something that has been happening since you got them, or has it only started recently?


So I can provide you with the most accurate information, could you please let me know which model SoundSport headphones you have? If you are unsure you can check this with our Product Identifier.


Also, do you have the headphones in when you are charging them? From how you mentioned it changing if your head is at a certain angle it sounds as if you are, which is why I was wondering.


I look forward to hearing back from you!

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