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Jan 3, 2021

Bose Soundsport Free rubber padding near controls


I had purchased my Bose sound sport free wireless device from Australia 2 years back. Last month the rubber padding near the controls peeled off and I had given my device for servicing. Unfortunately I was told that my device can’t be serviced as the device comes with the rubber molded to the device and was told I have to buy new one 😞.

After 2 years of limited usage my device is a piece of crap which can’t be used.

If I’m paying so much money to use a device which can’t last more than 2 years and can’t be serviced then it’s not deserved to be in the market and sold to customers. I can’t keep buying them every 2 years.

Very disappointed after buying from such a famous brand and least expected it. Wouldn’t want to recommend it to anyone else.