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May 7, 2020

Bose Soundsport Wiresless Red Light

Hello, I bought a pair of Bose Soundsport wireless running headphones in January and recently when I went to charge them, they wouldn't;t charge and the light would turn red for a few seconds before turning off. 


I have read through the forums and tried multiple USB cables, multiple power outlets.  I've tried resetting them as well and nothing has worked.  I've DM'ed and tweeted at the Bose Service account for the last 4 days without any response or acknowledgment of the issue.  I would like a replacement for these. 


Re: Bose Soundsport Wiresless Red Light

Hello Frankiev82, 


Thanks for reaching out to the community today for support! I'm very sorry to hear about the power issues you are having with your headset. 


Service and replacements are not something we can assist with via the community as we are unable to take information from users. If you have sent a DM to the social media team they will respond as soon as they possibly can as they work through a queue. 


If you wish to receive instant support you are more than welcome to contact us via any of the methods listed here.


Sorry that this isn't something our community team can directly assist you with. 

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