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May 8, 2021

Bose Sport earbuds Only one bud works at a time

I have bose sports earbuds 2018 that I bought from Bose China last year September 2020, it was working fine but after 6 months i started noticing that only one earbud works at a time now and its happening on all platforms : ios, windows, MacOS, Android

I even changed the devices and tried on different operating system versions but same result, both of the earbuds get sync but only one can play sound. Now as far as i know a lot of companies tend to break the firmware of their products to lure customers into buying new model but I didn't expected that from Bose, Not to mention that it started happening in 2021 when I got a lot of firmware and Playstore App updates from Bose and since then its been happening.
I already tried different troubleshooting guides but so far it's the same issue.

if possible, can Bose please look into this matter and see if it's caused because of buggy firmware update and if so, please mention how soon the bug can be fixed.


Re: Bose Sport earbuds Only one bud works at a time



Thanks for reaching out, we appreciate you taking the time to perform some great troubleshooting with your product.


Am I correct in thinking that you are referring to the SoundSport Free headphones? Please use this link to help you in identifying your product model. 


Can you let us know of the current firmware of your headphones? This can be viewed in the Bose app under your product details. 


It would be also useful if you could let us know the LED status of both earbuds when removing from the charging case.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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