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Oct 16, 2019


what's the deal BOSE........???? I've been a bose freak since I was a kid ,ALSO IRRITATED Now. Mad and I was just a more than satisfied when I recieved my sound sport wireless buds and it took me a few hard trys figure it out and it worked fine but an update removed the feature I want it back and I'm posting this every day on social media because  I've been duped and it was a accident on your part of the build up on the app and device ANYWAYS that feature is now gone and I'm mad as heck at bose for not admitting that this was accidental but real!,!,!,when I went to Salem and used the feature all day  then when I was going to write to you telling you that I was exceptionally good money for the original price when released what 450$ now 199.99$ and the next thing is the wireless overear that you can Control the audio assist with my phone and voice...being you have the technology and it was already a very useful  for my tenitus and the music I listen to ...not the first time  BOSE HAS DONE MAJOR CHANGES AND THEN SLASH PRICES ON THE DEVICE IM, ASKING ABOUT IT IN MY OPINION AN ACCIDENTAL ERROR ,IN THE BUILD AND BRING BACK THE FEATURE AND IT WAS THE FIRST OF THE KIND TO DO THIS .I HAVE RESEARCHED ,AND CONSIDERED  TO QUIT BOSE FOR GOOD AND TRY BEATS BEING ABLE TO USE AUDIO ASSIST AND DEVICES TO MAKE ME COMFORTABLE REPLACE MINE WITH THE FEATURES BACK AND CHARGE MORE AGAIN REPLACE YOUR POSITIONING IN  THE AUDIO #1. ASSISTANCE TO GET LIVE LISTENING AND THEN.MY MUSIC,IT HELPED ME SO MUCH IM SURE YOU KNEW , AND CHANGED  YOUR BUILD IN AN UPDATED WAY THAT APPLE AND ANDROID USERS ARE  GOING TO WANT THIS FEATURE AS WELL AND ANYONE WHO KNOWS OR KNEW IT WAS AVAILABLE TO THE USER ...is about to walk away broken 


Re: Bose soundsport WHAT DID YOU DO WITH IT'S ABILITIES.??.?



Thank you for reaching out to the community. I am very sorry to hear of your frustrations with your SoundSport Wireless Headphones. 


We would really like to look into this with you. Can you please confirm to us what functionality of your headphones you appear to be missing once performing a software update?


Please let us know, we would like to assist you with this. 


Many thanks,

Tegan M - Community Support 

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