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Feb 17, 2020

Bose soundsport free failed during the update and became malfunction

While using the Bose Updater to update the firmware of my Bose soundsport free wireless ear buds, the updater stopped itself at 10% and requested me to connect the USB again.  However, during the update, I did not plug out the USB. 


I had attempted for several times, however, the updater again stopped at 10%.  So, I gave up to update the firmware.  

Unfortunately, the right side of the ear buds had became malfunction (no flash light).  Also, the ear buds could not be recognized by the mobile any more.  (Seems go wrong for the bluetooth).


I then made enquiry with the customer service of Bose Hong Kong.  They said that since my ear buds were out of warranty.  I had to pay around HKD$1100 (around US$130) for replacement or they would not repair the device for me.    


I think it is a scam.  Because I had followed the instruction of the update procedure and I did nothing wrong during the update by using the Bose Updater.  How come I need to pay for the failure of the "rubbish" updater.    


I had made a complaint to the Bose Hong Kong for the matter but in vain (no response).


I think it is a precious experience for me to know about the poor quality of Bose's software and also the bad customer service.


This is a good lesson to me. 

I definitely will not buy any products of Bose anymore.  Also, I will advise my friends not to buy this brand anymore.