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Oct 21, 2019

Bose soundsport not charging

Soundsport wireless headphones not charging and I’m so fed up with this poor quality product. The charging light blinks when it is plugged in but doesn’t turn on when disconnected from USB. Please don’t suggest the reboot steps of charging 5 seconds and trying after a minute which sounds silly and does not work. Really disappointed with this experience with Bose; it is obviously not a robust product. Have only had it for few months. It also clearly did not have 6 hours battery life when it did work.


Re: Bose soundsport not charging

Hello Nihal, 


Thanks for reaching out to the community. I am very sorry to hear that you are having this experience with your SoundSport Wireless Headphones, I would love to do what I can to assist you with this. 


I would firstly check for any available firmware updates for your headphones. This can be done via a computer using a USB and visiting our firmware update website


Following this, I would also suggest attempting to charge your headphones via a different working wall outlet. 


Please let us know if this provides any improvements. 


Kind regards,

Tegan M - Community Support 

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