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Aug 7, 2019

Bose soundsport wireless not charging

I have this headphone since last 2018 but since last few months, it is not charging properly. When I put earphone into case, charging light does not start and even if it shows, it stays solid (battery was low). It is really frustrating that even case is fully charged and even after keepinh headphone in case for more than 5 hours, it still says batteru is low


Re: Bose soundsport wireless not charging

Hello tvasoya,

Welcome to the Bose Community, thanks for taking the time to post. 


I am sorry to hear you are having issues charging your SoundSport Wireless headphones. 


With regards to troubleshooting, can you please confirm if you have tried the following: 


- Have you tried using an alternative USB cable?

- Have you tried using an alternative USB charger? 

- Have you tried updating the firmware via the Bose Bluetooth Updater site


If you have tried all of the above, and the issue persists, please reach out to customer support in your country.


I hope this helps, and if anyone else is having similar issues to what tvasoya reported, please try the same steps, and feel free to get involved with the discussion.



Kind regards,


Jeff G - Community Support

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