Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

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Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

I bought the Bose Soundsport wireless in November 2017, and have been very satisfied since then. However, this morning I connected the headphone to the USB cable for charging, but it went to solid red light and turned off after a few seconds.

I searched Google and tried many ways to turn it on but no use. Already contact local Bose but no one helps Smiley Sad

Please help!


Re: Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

Hello Tin,


Thank you very much for your message, welcome to the community. 


I am so sorry to hear that your SoundSport Wireless headphones are no longer turning on, I would love to do what I can to assist you with this. 


You have stated that you have tried some troubleshooting prior to contacting us today, can you please inform me with which steps you have taken so that I do not re-instruct you to do this.


If there is a solid red LED indicator on your headphones whilst charging this would indicate that there is a error with your headphones in terms that they are not being stored within an acceptable temperature range. Do you live in a high climate environment? As the operating temperature for the SoundSport Wireless is between -20°C to 45°C. I would firstly recommend you store your headphones in a shaded cool area and attempt to charge once again to see the results of this, I would also suggest using a different charger outlet to see if this also provides any improvements. 


Please let us know how you get on.


Tegan M - Community Support 



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Re: Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

I've had a similar issue: after plugging in to charge the red charge light switches to green after a few seconds.  I've tried several different charger/cable combination with no luck, but have finally chalked it up to a flaky connector.  If I repeatedly plug in the charger cable and even mildly stress it it'll eventually remain in charging mode (red light) and accept a full charge


Really like these for working out but based on the number of people complaining it's clearly a product defect.

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Re: Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

Thanks Teran, there was no abnormal temperature. After 8 hours plugging to the wall, it is finally accept the charger. Then I had to press power button to start charging, But there seemed to be another different error, 30 seconds of amber blinking light followed by 3 secs of solid red during the charge. I also updated firmware while it's charging. After 1 hour, the battery was full.

  • Now the error is, after around 15 minutes playing music, it disconnected automatically and I could only manually reconnect after waiting 30 secs (had to press power button). 
  • Right after that, it could only play music for 5 minutes, then disconnected for 30 secs.
  • And next time, played music for 30 secs and disconneted for 30 secs.

My headphone is still in good condition since I usually use it 2-3 hours/week. Battery now can last for 6-7 hours. Just encountered this error yesterday for the first time after 3 days leave it in my office with no use. If this is a defect and I have to live with it, absolutely disappointed with such a premium product.

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Re: Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

Hey Tin Pham, thanks for providing an update!


I'm happy to hear that the headphones will now power on again, but sorry to hear that you're now experiencing a different issue with the headphones. 


To confirm, does the Bluetooth connection disconnect between your SoundSport Wireless headphones and the connected device completely? How do you repair the two devices back together again? Additionally, does music pause playback during this time on your connected device? Does the issue also occur when connecting the headphones to a different device, like an alternative mobile phone or tablet?


Have you tried clearing the Bluetooth pairing list on the headphones? This can be done by powering off the headphones, then pressing and holding the Power/Bluetooth button for 10 seconds until you hear "Bluetooth device list cleared". Then, delete the headphones from your previously paired device settings menu on your mobile phone or tablet, and attempt pairing and playback again. 


I also encourage you to perform a product reset on the headphones should the issue persist. To do this:

  1. Turn off the headset and wait 30 seconds
  2. Plug the headset into a wall outlet using a USB charger, then wait 5 seconds
  3. Unplug the USB cord from the headset and wait 1 minute
  4. Turn on the headset


We look forward to hearing back from you!



Andy B

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Re: Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

Thanks Andy.

To all your questions, I have to say a BIG NO. There wasn't any symptoms that were prompted in your questions. I even haven't experienced any problems since the first time I use my Bose which made me really really impressed until the day it got this error. Thanks for asking but please don't waste time on such basic questions and I think irrelevant as well. The headphone perfoms exceptionally well until the day it got error. Riddiculously sudden that made me shocked Smiley Indifferent

Yes, I did clear the pairing and repair but no help.

I'll try the reset solution which I always see in most of other red light error topics. Will inform the result. Hope it helps.

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Re: Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

Hi Andy,


I tried your solution but it didn't work. Fortunately, after one day, the headphone worked pretty well, no auto off like previous times.

This lasted for a few days until today when battery is 40%, it was off suddenly and I could not turn it on. Then, I plugged it to the wall for 15 mins and there was solid red light. However, after I unplugged it, I could turn it on with 40% battery. Now I could use it but could not charge it.

Seemed it could not recover back to normal mode with different errors each time. Felt dissapointed and lost too much energy for that. Please kindly help!


Re: Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

Hello Tin Pham, 


Thanks for getting back to us. 


I am so sorry you are still having this issue with charging your SoundSport headphones. As you have tried all troubleshooting steps, the best option here would be to reach out to your local customer support center and explore the service options for your headset. You can do this by clicking this link here, selecting your region, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and selecting contact us. If you are in the US or UK you can also reach out via Facebook or Twitter and one of our team can help you there. 


I am incredibly sorry for any inconvinience caused but am sure one of our team will be able to help you.


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W 

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Re: Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

Hi Vicky,


I already contacted Bose VN last week on the first day this error occured, as I saw this instruction in many other red light error posts. And they even didn't mind to reply me a single time to let me know if they could fix it or not. Can you please check with them.


Re: Bose soundsport wireless red light and cannot charge

Hello Tin,


Regrettably, we are unable to assist with matters in Vietnam regarding the service of products. 


I would recommend giving them a call so you have an immediate response and can discuss the options available for you. 


Please accept our apologies that we could not assist you any further.


Warm regards,

Charlotte G