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Sep 22, 2019

Connection Issues with Soundsport free while walking



I am using Soundsport free wireless and having multiple issues.

1. I connect these earphones to my Samsung S9+. Sound is great. But while I go to my office, while walking, the connection is lost frequently. I unpaired and paired multiple times but it did not solve.

2. There is a huge lag while i watch videos on my phone

3. While I checked the community for this and I see that I may need to update the firmware. Well, i tried doing that through the Bose Connect App and also through Bose updater on my Macbook. But somehow my product does not get updated through Bose Updater. The page just doesnt get refreshed. It just says " Connect the product...."


Please help me resolve these issues. Thank you.


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Feb 26, 2019

Re: Connection Issues with Soundsport free while walking

Hello @rmali21 and welcome to the Bose Community!

I'd be happy to look into and advise you here.


Starting with your update issues, I would advise that you try the updater again. This requires a USB-A-->Micro-B Cable connection between the charging case and your MacBook. If this doesn't detect through a port, I would recommend that you try another port and cable to ensure that this detects correctly.


With regards to the connection difficulties you've had here, other than the updates, and the pairing you've tried here, I would ask if you clear the Bluetooth list completely on both devices and try the connection again fresh. To do this, hold the Bluetooth button on the SoundSport Free until you hear the prompt that this has been cleared, which takes roughly 10 seconds. When cleared, please choose the option to forget or remove this device from your Samsung S9+. When removed, please pair again, and go for a walk to check this!


Lastly, with regards to the video lag, there is generally a slight delay with Bluetooth audio which can be noticeable with video sources.

This can differ between apps/sources, especially with true wireless products like SoundSport Free. With that in mind, one of our updates was aimed at making this delay as small as we could make this, so please try the update method(s) again!

Furthermore, this may vary from source and platform. For example, if you're watching downloaded videos on a device (rather than streamed videos); or if you watch Youtube through the app compared to through a browser, do you experience any differences here?


Please return to me when you can with any updates or questions you may have!

Liam W - Community Support