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Aug 30, 2019

Defective Soundsport headsets

Ive just rec'd shipping confirmation for my 4th set of Soundsport headsets!  The first two stopped working after 2-3 times in the gym. The 3rd set stopped mid workout the first time I used them!  Im a 62 yr old woman and do not sweat profusely so excess moisture should not be the probem.   Both earbuds shut down at same time.  I am confused about why Bose continues to produce and ship an obviously defective product. Pull the plug and redesign this defective produxt.   Full Disclosure: These were a gift for being a Hilton Honors member and were not purchased. If I had spent $ on these I would be furious and expect a full refund and never buy another bose product again.  Bose used to be a well respected brand, we had terrific speakers years so but my opinion of their quality has changed and I would not purchase a Bose product now. 

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Mar 7, 2019

Re: Defective Soundsport headsets

You've looked a gift horse in the mouth and it has caused you anguish. Perhaps you should stop accepting gifts.