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Aug 22, 2019

Left channel of SoundSport Free Wireless repeatedly off when starting playback

I have read many other users reporting this problem, I have read (and tried) a bunch of proposed solutions, but nothing, I mean NOTHING, works once and for all - as it should have been. The problem is not something new; you've heard it before. When trying to play back music to the SoundSport Free Wireless, with a PC, or a phone (Google Pixel) or a Smartwatch (Samsun Galaxy Watch Active), very often, if not almost every time, the right bud only plays back music while the left one is dead. I have to but the buds back to the case, unpair and pair again to solve the problem (sometimes I even have to repeat the pairing process more than once).


This is beyond me! If bluetooth earbuds cannot do what they were designed for, i.e., connect to a source wirelessly and play back music, then it means that the engineers are doing something wrong. It's like getting a car whose two wheels are not turning! Bose has never addressed this problem in a satisfactory manner. What is "satisfactory"? They get their engineers down to replicate and acknowledge the problem and then they put all their efforts onto solving this massively annoying behaviour. Is there a plan for Bose to do that?