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May 21, 2020

Lost One SoundSport Free Bud - Solution Found

Hey All, 


I saw all these posts where if you lose a SportBud you're basically out of luck, but after searching I found a solution - it will cost a little, but cheaper than buying a whole new set.  


What I did was bought a left SportBud online (ebay, Facebook, etc).  Once it came in the mail what I did a firmware update and two buds with different codes synced to each other.  To update/sync do the following: 

1. Go to Bose website and download the Bose Updater app (URL is https://btu.bose.com/)

2. Put both buds in charging case > connect case to computer with USB cable -- make sure to leave the case open.  

3. With the bose website open (where you downloaded app) launch the updater app that you downloaded to your desktop.

4.  Process should begin automatically - if not, on the top right of the Bose page there's a link titled 'Supported Products' > click this > select your product and the download should work with no issues.  



*I own both an Apple and PC.  When I initially tried on my Apple it didn't seem to work... when I tried on my PC it worked with no issues.  

*I've seen single SoundSport buds online ranging from $17 - 60 so definitely cheaper than buying a whole new set.