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Sep 15, 2020

Lost my right soundsport free- support with find my bud option

Hi all,


I am based in Milan, Italy, and I cannot find anymore my right Soundsport free bud. When I recognized it I used "Find my buds"option and I saw the left side bud just in my apartment. My question is: if the app located my left bud means that also my right one was in my apartment ?  

Did you get any notice of a found soundsport free in Milan? I lost it on 5th September


Thank you. I will appreciated you support




Re: Lost my right soundsport free- support with find my bud option

Hi Maurizio,


Thanks for reaching out.


Regrettably we get no notifications regarding misplaced earbuds. The Find My Buds feature will only show the last active connection point of your product. It is likely if you cannot see this bud in the app, the earbud has lost power and cannot be recognised by the feature. 


We hope you find your misplaced bud, if you require to look into the available service options to you, please reach out to your local support here. 



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