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Apr 21, 2017

My Bose IE2 needs to be rescued...please help!

Good day! Guys, i need your help on how i can still revive my beloved in-ears. It has been with me for more than 7 years and still don’t want to part ways with it. The rubber insulation of the wires are starting to disintegrate on many areas maybe due to old age but i still do want to keep it for longer. i’ve been a loyal bose fan for the longest time and i cannot find the same like these anywhere anymore. any help would be appreciated! thanks and more power!


i hope this link would work to give you an idea how it presently looks like..

https://ibb.co/QcpLs18 - link for pic.

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Mar 7, 2019

Re: My Bose IE2 needs to be rescued...please help!

For such repairs I find Permatex Liquid Electrical Tape works very well.
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Nov 12, 2015

Re: My Bose IE2 needs to be rescued...please help!

7 years of use is not bad! I am approaching 10 with mine. I always kept my ie2s in a pouch when not in use and was careful winding them.


At this point you might want to contact Bose directly, they may still carry some of these ear buds. Any repair attempts  of these delicate items may produce less than ideal results.

You can still buy these products on Amazon and EBay as well.


I agree they are great ear buds. I find they sound and fit better that Apple supplied buds.


Hope you can find a solution.


Re: My Bose IE2 needs to be rescued...please help!

Hi EidreFriS,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Bose Community!


As mentioned in the other comments, I would not suggest a repair as these headphones are complex and you may risk damaging them further. I would suggest contacting your local technical support for assistance.


You can find the details by clicking HERE, selecting your country of residence and scrolling down to 'Contact Us'.


I hope this helps. If you need anything else, please reach out again!




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