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Oct 12, 2019

My New Bose Quiet Earbuds Button Tap and volume control?

  I just received my long awaited Bose Earbuds.  I hope someone here could help me


   When I sync my Earbuds to my apple Itouch bluetooth, I did not go through any Bose app. It was a direct sync to my apple itouch.  I already have the bose app, but I have had a difficult time going through apple to get through my blue tooth.

    Question:  I lost hearing, so I have been using my hearing aid.  But with the earbuds, I needed to remove my hearing aid.  So on my Apple itouch connected by blue tooth to my Earbuds, I have the volume at the "peak."  The sound is fine.  But will I ruin my Earbuds by keeping it at the volume highest peak?  The music through this earbuds is awesome.

    Question:  I am not familiar with tapping my right earbuds for level adjustment.  Do I tap the earbuds in the outside middle of earbuds?  So what kind of adjustment option do i have on these tapping?  Could you explain what each tap is for?  I only know by researching that to keep the adjustment on the earbuds at max 10 and leave it here...don't know why.

     Note:  Concerning my installed Bose app:  I was having problem getting through with my username and password. Got frustrated, so I decided to go direct blue tooth to my device which was successful.  On my apple itouch, I also have had a blue tooth for my Bose sports ear. 

     Anyone could help, please email me at [Edited by Moderator]     This is Mel.

     Thank you



Re: My New Bose Quiet Earbuds Button Tap and volume control?

Hi Mel!


It's great to hear how much you are enjoying your new earbuds! I'd be happy to answer your questions, so I can help you get the best out of them!


If you have the earbuds at full volume, there is no reason why this would damage them. You may however see slightly less than the standard 6 hours of battery life, as they will use more power, the higher the volume is turned up!


When using the touch controls on the earbuds, aiming for the outside center of the buds is perfect. The touch surfaces are located on the outer surface of each earbud so they are nice and easy to access. We do have a handy guide that will explain each of the touch controls available for you HERE. If you do have any further questions about any of these, then let me know!


When you were having trouble with your username and password in the Bose Music app, was this logging in with an existing account or creating a new account? 

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