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Jun 8, 2021

Plans to include previous track on Quietcomfort Earbuds



I wanted to get the Quitecomfort Earbuds, but some limitations are stopping me from getting one and wondering if anyone here has some idea about whether these limitations will be fixed in the near future. Or have an understanding of why these features are not available in the rather premium earbuds.


1. Inability to do Previous Track: This is probably the most basic feature when it comes to headphone control. I had 2 previous headphones from Bose and they both featured control for previous-track and it seems like a huge limitation for a premium product.


2. Limited function on the left earbud: Compared to the right bud, the left one seems to lack many features, such as volume control and mic during voice calls. This would mean that if I ever wanted to utilise one bud instead of two, it would mean that there will be a big difference in the experience between the two halves. Unless there are big hardware differences between the two halves, I would think that there should be options to assign identical controls between the two halves to use either interchangeably.