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Jul 3, 2019

QC 30 Bluetooth CODECS do not able me to hear music with good sound quality

I am too upset and frustrated with my mqc30. I want to know why I can't use a better codec like HWA or even Aptx HD, do you understand? I paid $ 300 for headphones in wich I can't even feel the difference of a song on mp3 320kbps and another on Flac. Please Bose, your products are supposed to be a top audio selection and I swear that if you don't give me a really useful solution, I will take drastic measures for myself. I PAID 300 DOLLARS FOR A MEDIOCRE HEADPHONES IN WHICH I CAN NOT HEAR MORE THAN SPOTIFY. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE ME A SOLUTION, HAVE BEEN NEAR 3 YEARS SINCE IT IS ON SALE AND STILL HAVE NOT ENABLED MORE THAN 2 BASIC CODECS. DO I HAVE TO DISASSEMBLE AND EDIT IT TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OR WILL I BE HELPED BY A FIRMWARE UPDATE? CAN YOU RETURN ME MY MONEY? God, this is a thousand times worse than a manufacturing error.