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Mar 23, 2021

Re: QC Earbuds and Sport Earbuds: Red/White flashing “error”

Not resolved.


Tried all your hints & tips plus firmware update, which did not work because the SW is already up to date. My Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds keep blinking red and white no matter what. 


Advise to potential buyers: do not purchase this product. It is comfy as no other and noise cancelling is best in class but SW is below par, i.e. the product won't work.


Re: QC Earbuds and Sport Earbuds: Red/White flashing “error”

Hi Munamankeli.


Sorry that you are still having the issue after doing some troubleshooting.


i suggest that you send in the unit for service already. Depending on country/region, you can contact your local team using this LINK for assistance.


Hope that helps!

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Jun 6, 2021

QC Earbuds flashing red and white



QCNoise Cancelling Earbuds




Apple iPhone X

Earbuds are flashing red and white, will not stop


Any time i try to use them, this occurs.  


These earbuds were working fine in the start of the week, then started doing this.  Nothing out of the norm happened.  


I tried plugging the case into my computer and updating, didn't work

I tried turning off bluetooth devices and holding down the bluetooth button to reset, didn't work.  Tried that both charging and not charging.  A few times they would stop flashing red and white for a minute then when I opened the case again, red and white again.  I feel I have tried everything listed for troubleshooting, any other ideas?