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Apr 17, 2021

QC Earbuds dont work with skype/teams or zoom

I have connected my earbuds to my windows 10 using a bluetooth adapter. My speaker setting has switched over to show Earbuds.  If i open zoom and have speakers set to same as system or earbuds i hear nothing. if i set to by PC speakers I hear the test.  Same with the microphone.  I've tried Teams and Skype same issue.  so my pc recognises the earbuds but they are dead for communication.


I've tried deleting and repairing and same issue.  I really expected this to be plug and play so any clues what the issue is as utterly pointless currently?


Thanks Mike



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Re: QC Earbuds dont work with skype/teams or zoom

Hey Mike, 


Thanks for posting! 


The QC Earbuds can absolutely be used in this manner.


When pairing a set of QC Earbuds / any Bluetooth headphones to your PC, there will be two main connections, A2DP which is for music playback and displayed as "Headphones" and HSP/HFP which operates under "Headset". For calls on Skype/Teams/Zoom, you need to have the headphones set to Headset mode which enables the microphone. You need to go into the individual app to ensure the headphones are selected as the input and output with "headset" as the connection type. 


I hope this helps!


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