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Jan 21, 2021

QC Left earbud not working on its own

I don’t know if these are meant to be designed like this but when I try to use the left earbud on its own it only works if the right one is out of its case or in the case with the lid open. As soon as I close the lid it makes a large bass sound and stops playing everything as If it had disconnected



Re: QC Left earbud not working on its own



Thanks for reaching out. What you are experiencing is normal. 


When you pair your QuietComfort Earbuds to your phone, tablet, or laptop, the Bluetooth connection occurs between the source device and the right earbud. The signal is then beamed over to the left earbud. So, if you were to take out the right earbud and place it on a table, that earbud would go to sleep in about 20 minutes and, when that happens, the left earbud would lose its Bluetooth connection. Similarly, if you were to place the right earbud in the charging case and close the lid, the left earbud would lose its connection immediately.

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