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Nov 17, 2020

QC earbuds - auto sleep



Some additional feedback for the QC earbuds.


I had seen other people post this on reviews on amazon and other places online, but figured I would highlight here.


The buds do not have any auto sleep functionality it would seem, that is, even if audio is not coming through them, and they are not in ear, they do not auto shut down or sleep after a period of time.


Example, I have seen people mentioning that they take their headphones to work, or to listen to on route, when they arrive they remove their buds, then the battery continues to drain all day as there is no way to switch the device off.


I have done a similar thing, when busy with work I will remove and place on my desk for a period of time whilst on a seperate call, then go back to my headphones to discover that they are low on battery. I also attempted to listen to them in bed last night, and decided to remove them in the dark just before bed. I couldn't fish around in the dark for the case on the bedside table so just popped them on the shelf behind me. I get up this morning to find they are still connected to my phone and have no battery.


The easy answer I am sure is to say that you should always store in the case provided wherever you go, but the reality is that you will not always want to carry that box or have it right next to you and accessible 100% of the time. It seems a basic and simple function that you should be able to either power off or have an auto sleep function on the buds.




Re: QC earbuds - auto sleep

Hi Steveoz,


Thank you for reaching out and providing us with your feedback. We will pass on your comments to the relevant team. 


Have a great day!

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