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Jan 16, 2020

QC20 Battery blinking green when charging instead of yellow

I have had more than 1 set of QC 20 in-ear headphones in the last few years, so am very familiar with the product. I now have 2 pair, received in 2019 - my main pair (used daily) and a 2nd (new) pair to use if the 1st is lost or stops working. When the earphones are plugged in and charging, the light blinks yellow. When fully charged, the light is supposed to be solid green. Yesterday, when plugged in overnight, the light continued blinking green and the earphones started making the loud, knocking sound they make as if they were running out of battery life. Therefore, I assumed they had not charged. I changed out the charging cord and the plug for the wall with several different ones, but nothing worked. I brought out the brand new pair and the same thing is happened. No matter what power cord or wall plug I use, the light continues to blink green. How could both, relatively new pair of headphones, not be holding a charge?


Re: QC20 Battery blinking green when charging instead of yellow

Hello SHaricot,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Bose Community. 


I'm sorry to hear that both of your QC20's are not exhibited the correct charging behavior. It's very odd that both sets are doing this but I would love to look into this further with you. 


By looking at this article - Recognizing the lights - is the LED blinking when the headphones are plugged in to charge?


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