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Aug 8, 2017

QC20 with Xbox one elite controller static

Hello, I have a pair of QC20 headphones, the apple version. When I plug it into my xbox one elite controller there is a bad static sound. If I touch it near the connector it goes away. As soon as I let got it comes back strong. I tried connecting the controller with the usb cable instead of using it wirelessly and it didn't help at all.


Now, I also have a pair of QC35 headphones, also the apple version. I tried with those using the cable and there was no static at all, they worked great. I don't know why those don't have static but the QC20s do? I rather use the QC20s though because the QC35s are a little tight and start to hurt after a while.


Thanks for any help.


Re: QC20 with Xbox one elite controller static

Hello JustMK, 


Thanks for reaching out today. 


I am sorry that you are having issues with static and your QC20 headphones. There are a few things that can cause static in the headphones, I would suggest the following to try and resolve this issue: 

  • Make sure the connected device is grounded. When connected to or charging from an ungrounded device, such as a computer or TV or USB wall charger, it is possible for the headset to produce a humming sound. If possible, disconnect the device from power to eliminate this noise when listening, or find a grounded power outlet.
  • Remove the device from its case or protective sleeve. If a case or protective sleeve is on your device, try removing it to determine if it is preventing the headphones plug from making a full connection.
  • Be sure the headphones are connected properly. The headphones may be connected improperly or the connection may have come loose. Remove and reseat the headphone connector from the device's headphone jack. 

Does this happen when the headphones are connected to your mobile phone? If not I think the most likely cause would be because the controller is not grounded and is, therefore, causing issues with the headphones. 


I look forward to your reply. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W - Community Support