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Sep 16, 2020

QC30 Not working on Windows 10 : FIXED

So I saw a number of Windows 10 posts on the topic of not being able to connect to QC30 earbuds, and I just figured something out on my own, so maybe this will help some of you because it has taken me WEEKS of futzing about with things like BlueStreak and reinstalling device drivers before I literally stumbled on it tonight so I figured I'd share since this issue it seems to go back YEARS.


My QC30 would always pair just fine, but they would never show up in the AUDIO section of bluetooth.  Sound familiar?  


Try this:  


0. Forget about your computer for a second.

1. Go to your phone and go into your bluetooth settings.

2. REMOVE the device (QC 30 - whatever your nickname is for it, mine was "Little Miss Dynamite")

3. FORGET THE device


5. Now go back to your computer

6. Go to your bluetooth settings

7. Remove the device.  If you have it paired and connected several times, remove all instances

8. If you have OTHER AUDIO BLUETOOTH DEVICES, remove them as well.

9. TURN OFF BLUETOOTH on your computer

10. TURN ON BLUETOOTH on your computer

11. Now go to your QC 30 buds, bud.

12. Press and hold the power button until you hear the voice tell you it's ready to pair

13. Now go to your computer

14. Add a bluetooth device


If things go your way like they did mine, then OUT OF NOWHERE you will see it generate a pairing in the AUDIO section of Bluetooth and choirs of angels will come singing to you through your now-functional QC 30 buds.   (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=6QBEt0F13RE&feature=emb_logo)


I can think of several reasons why this is happening.  One is possibly that the earbuds really don't like it when you try and pair them up with a new machine when the other machine is RIGHT THERE.  The other issue may be with Windows 10 having only so many bluetooth audio devices installed at once.  As you can see from my image capture below, I have a  27-inch monitor that seems to not be able to resist pairing up on Bluetooth.  I had removed that and it reappeared (obviously) when I detected and re-paired things.


15. If all goes well, go back to your phone.  Turn bluetooth on.  Re-detect and re-pair the device.  It should work on both your mobile device and your computer.


I really hope this helps someone.  I know how frustrating it has been for me, anyway.  Drop me a line if you have any success with this method.







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