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May 24, 2019

Quiet Comfort Earbud - Left earbud not working

So, I've been using the qc earbuds for about 3 months now and they seem to work fine so far, except the occasional malfunctioning of left earbud. 


The left earbud stops functioning when I take them out of my charging case and this has happened 5 times. This hasn't happened at all while I am listening or on a call but specifically occurs after I take them out of the charging case. 


Troubleshooting: They seem to resume normal functioning after a while (10 or 20 minutes). Attach is the screenshot from the bose music app as well for reference! 





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Nov 29, 2020

Re: Quiet Comfort Earbud - Left earbud not working

Ditto! Had mine almost a month and happened 1st time today. Took several re-tries to re-pair not feeling great about this haha. At work now more details later.....also occurred when on active call I decided to use them pulled out right 9ne to finish call then realized left one out 9nce I put it in