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Sep 30, 2020

QuietComfort Earbuds - alternate way to control volume and skip music tracks back and forward

I found a good option for me to adjust the volume and skip tracks backward and forward. I have a Galaxy Watch 3 and a Pixel 4 phone. On the phone, I have installed the Musicolet App. I noticed that when my Pixel 4 phone is running the Musicolet App and playing music that a little musical note icon appeared on the watch face. If I touch it, it then brings up a screen on the watch with a volume button, previous track, next track, and what song is currently playing. If I then touch the volume button, I get + and - symbols to adjust volume. I don't know if other music apps would do this or not. I had just dumped Google Play app because they went to YouTube Music which sucks. I also don't know if this would work on other smart watches.