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Apr 13, 2020

QuietComfort30 Bluetooth not paing

I am having 2 issues:


1. SurfacePro: the QuietControl 30 shows as a listed device and paired in Bluetooth & Other Devices but when I turn the headphones on it does not indicate they have connected, as happens with my phone.

2. Peloton: the devices shows as available but when I try to connect I receive a message that pairing failed due to an incorect password or pass key.


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.


I am in the USA.


Re: QuietComfort30 Bluetooth not paing

Hey @durajo1,


Sorry to hear you're having some trouble connecting your QC30 headphones. Have you managed to successfully connect these headphones before?


I'd try completely removing the history of the headphones from the SurfacePro and also clearing the pairing list of the headphones as shown HERE. Then, try to reconnect and it should create a fresh connection to be re-established allowing for audio playback.

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