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Nov 17, 2019

Report lost / stolen headphones

Hi, is there a place to report the serial number of a lost/stolen Bose product?


YES, I read several threads about this and I KNOW BOSE CAN'T HELP ME LOCATE LOST HEADPHONES, but if someone calls or brings a pair in for service or repair, and they're not the registered owner, it would be nice to think that Bose could cross-check the serial number against database of items reported lost/stolen. 


Thanks for any light you can shed of this.

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Report lost / stolen headphones

I think the only place to report it would be the police.  I suppose Bose could keep a list of them, but what's stopping people just sending numbers they read from boxes in, or someone having sold a set on Ebay reporting them and locking them.  I know there are other brands such as Apple that you can do that, but the software and tracking from someone like Apple would be easier to do.